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About us

Our choir "unus mundus" arose on June 1st, 2017 out of a need to bring our "one world" a little closer together through music.
With songs from all over the world, both worldly and spiritually and sung in the original language, we want to present different cultures and show that we are one humanity under heaven, because all the world sings.
The songs should touch the listener / spectator with their positive message and stimulate thought.

We stage our music in collaboration with other musicians, dancers and artists in such a way that it becomes a holistic performance in the spirit of integration and collaboration.
Inclusion should also be very important to us, so we strive, for example, to cooperate with, among other things, life support and refugee aid.
We do not sing masses, but we are very much ready to accompany church events with our performances.
Obliged to no single church, we see the entire Reutte district and the surrounding area as a sphere of activity.
We do themed concerts and accompany, plan and organise events musically / artistically.

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